Research projects

  • Real-time quality control for welding processes

    The Belgian Welding Institute will start up a research project to demonstrate the feasibility of quality control using systems for inline, real time defect detection during welding.

    Start: 01-01-2020
    End: 01-01-2020
  • Resistance welding of high-strength steel grades with coatings

    Mainly on account of the automotive industry, stronger steel grades and sheet materials consisting of galvanised steel with organic coatings are being developed. The data about the weldability of these materials is not always up-to-date or available. Companies lose the overview regarding materials because of the fast developments.

    Start: 01-01-2004
    End: 01-01-2006
  • Start: 01-01-2006
    End: 01-01-2008
  • SOUDIMMA : Electromagnetic pulse welding

    Magnetic pulse welding is a new, very innovative but nearly unknown production process. The working principle of the welding process is based on the use of electromagnetic forces to deform and to weld workpieces. Since this sophisticated welding process doesn't use heat to realise the weld, it offers important advantages with regard to the conventional welding techniques!

    Start: 01-07-2009
    End: 30-06-2011
  • SOUNDWELD: Quality inspection using acoustic emission monitoring

    SOUNDWELD will investigate a new promising real-time non-destructive examination technique for welding processes, based on acoustic emission during the weld cycle. The acoustic emission technique is based on the detection and conversion of high-frequency elastic waves into electrical signals. Acoustic emission monitoring (AEM) is currently being used for the surveillance of industrial processes or structures. In this project, the application of this technology will be expanded towards welding processes.

    Start: 01-03-2018
    End: 01-09-2020
  • Steel S4EV: Steel solutions for Safe and Smart Structures of Electric Vehicles

    STEEL S4 EV aims at putting high strength steels at the forefront of a new trend in electric vehicles: light vehicles with three or four wheels that comply with crash regulation and with more restrictive Euro NCAP demands. Weld joint design and welding methodologies research to maintain the material properties in the weld area, assuring robustness and long term durability. Cost-effective low-investment manufacturing will be achieved by a modular and flexible structural design: a complex 3D skeleton frame of welded tubes, bent with high accuracy using programmed laser cuts will enable the production of different vehicles sharing the same tooling.

    Start: 01-09-2018
    End: 01-09-2021
  • WRIST: Innovative Welding Processes for New Rail Infrastructures

    WRIST will develop and demonstrate two flexible and cost-effective joining processes for rails, that will address the key degradation mechanisms experienced by welds in current rail infrastructure. The new processes also recognise the move of the industry toward higher speeds and axle loads and the need to increase capacity. 

    Start: 01-05-2015
    End: 30-04-2016