Research and Innovation

The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) carries out applied welding research, focussing on welding technologies and the weldability of materials for specific industrial use.

Focus on industrial relevance

Within our research activities, the voice of our members and industrie is key. Targetting the industrial end user, we have eyes for the industrial applicability of innovative joining techniques, trying as such to respond to know-how questions and supporting development projects that encourage innovation processes. It is our job to turn the results of research into economic opportunities in domains that could prove important for the industry in the longer term.

BWI research projects

Research areas

Innovation support

The importance of innovation in the field of welding and related techniques is undisputed: innovation is as such an significant prerequisite for sound management and a stronger competitive position. Knowledge of the current state of affairs and new developments provides a solid basis for the future. Moreover, the BWI keeps abreast of international developments by participating in European research projects.

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Research at BWI is divided into two categories:

  • Individual research:
    research conducted for a specific company or organisation. The results are confidential and communicated exclusively to the customer. Targeted contract research through competent staff, a well-equipped laboratory and a vast machinery.
  • Collective research:
    all participating parties - universities, research facilities, large and small companies – get, through a minimum of costs, the maximum of research results. Networking and collaboration in a non-competitive atmosphere are important advantages.