With the emergence of the various European directives, including the PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) and the CPR (Construction Products Regulation), a quality system gains importance. SMEs may find difficulties in implementing the standards that may yearly be subject to change. The Standards-antenne, launched by BWI, aims to guide and support these companies.

First-hand knowledge of welding standards

BWI officially represents the Belgian welding sector in all normative bodies and as such has the knowledge and network to correctly interpret each welding related standard. This insight is shared on

Activities of the Standards-antenna:

  • Helping companies to interpret and correctly apply standards
  • Company specific advice and consultation
  • Promote knowledge transfer around standards via workshops and seminars
  • Report on new standards coming out

Target group

The BWI Standards-antenna assists

  • Companies implementing standards required for company-specific needs.
  • Teachers from technical and vocational education.