Metal Structures Centre

The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) is part of the MSC (Metal Structures Centre), the new research centre for durable metal constructions.

By this unique cooperation between BWI, the University of Ghent, SIRRIS, Clusta, CRM, SIM, Flamac and OCAS (research centre for the application of steel), MSC stands for:

  • a research centre of world class,
  • the consolidation and development of material knowledge,
  • a total offer for material-related research:
    • design, production and use of a broad scale of materials,
    • focus on metals,
    • authoritative lab in the area of performantie and cost efficiency,
    • geographical concentration of scientists and research infrastructure.

Moreover, BWI in Zwijnaarde cooperates closely with:

  • B.V.L., Belgische Vereniging voor Lastechniek
    ANB (“Authorized National Body”) for the certification of training and education
  • V.C.L., Vervolmakingscentrum voor Lassers
    offers practical and theoretical education for welders


  • MCS