Friction spot welding of aluminium alloys

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Investigation of new welding technology for aluminium

The Belgian welding Institute has started a research project about a new spot weld technique; friction spot welding. The connection is created by using friction. This welding technology is particularly suitable for welding aluminium, and provides a solution to the difficulties that resistance spot welding is facing when joining aluminium, such as the electrode wear and tool life.


Friction spot welding

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Advantages of the process

  • ideal for welding aluminium,
  • offers a solution to the problems of the resistance spot welding of aluminium alloys,
  • welding of advanced higher-strength aluminium alloys is possible, which are not weldable with conventional welding techniques,
  • welding of dissimilar materials, such as aluminium-steel, coated aluminium alloys, or materials with unequal thicknesses,
  • short welding time,
  • ecological process: no filler materials or protective gases are used and there are no welding fumes, IR-, UV- or electromagnetic radiation.

Friction spot weld of aluminium

Friction spot weld of aluminium and galvanised steel

Friction spot weld of  aluminium and copper

Project goals

To demonstrate the possibilities of this process and to investigate the implementation, a practical research project is conducted. The goal is to explore the possibilities of this process in terms of weldability of materials and applicability in industry.

In addition, industrial case studies are developed to show the potential of the process. These new possibilities, more specific the use of lightweight materials and the possibility to combine them with conventional steels, will allow you to manufacture products with a smaller weight, a better performance, or an increased integration of functionalities, and therefore a higher added value.