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From technological advice to failure analysis

Next to applied research, the Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) provides a vast scope of services. Our experts offer advice in a wide variety of welding issues, execute failure analyses and perform materials characterisation tests.

Fast and flexible

BWI is a lean organisation, ensuring direct contact with qualified experts. This guarantees a fast and precise answer to each question. In case of urgency, one of our experts can visit your site within forty-eight hours.

Advice in joining technologies and materials weldability

Which joining technologies are best suited for which application? What are the environmental, health and safety issues regarding a certain joining technology? Our experts offer advice in all joining issues.

Ensuring compliance to standards

Do you want to ensure your welded constructions comply with European standards such as EN 1090, EN 3834 and EN 15085? Our welding engineers are qualified to help you achieve this goal.

Finding the true root cause of your problem

A leak, a breakage or another problem with one of your welded structures? Our objectivity and multidisciplinary expertise ensure the identification of the problem’s true root cause.

Corrosion testing and analysis

Corrosion is one of the most widespread degradation mechanisms affecting welded constructions. BWI analyses materials regarding their corrosion resistance and evaluates corroded materials in search of the cause.

Metallographic sample preparation and analysis

BWI has built a solid reputation in studying the physical structure and components of materials. Our laboratory has all the equipment necessary to prepare and analyse metallographic samples.

Conventional and specialised materials testing

From traditional characterisation to specialised testing, BWI has access to a vast array of materials testing equipment.

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Technical Director

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