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Applied research in welding and materials weldability

The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) carries out applied welding research. The focus is on welding technologies and the weldability of materials for specific industrial use.

Focus on industrial relevance

Our research activities always target the industrial end user. The objective is, for instance, finding the most appropriate industrial applications for an innovative joining technique. Another example is fine-tuning a technology or investigating the weldability of materials for optimal use in a specific industrial environment.

Collective and individual research

Research at BWI is divided into two categories:

  • Collective: the research results are shared between all parties involved in the project such as universities, research institutes and companies.
  • Individual: the research is conducted for a specific company or organisation. The results are confidential and are communicated exclusively to the customer.

Research with a European dimension

BWI participates in European research projects such as BRITE-EURAM, CRAFT, ECCS, enabling us to broaden our knowledge and to keep abreast of the international developments. Moreover, it offers optimal coooperation opportunities and the ability to intensify business contacts with foreign enterprises and research centres.

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