Quality Assurance

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Assisting with certification

Aiming to set up, certify or improve your welding quality management system? The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) has the experience to assist you.

Setting up a welding quality management system

BWI can assist you in obtaining a certified welding management system. Our welding engineers have developed a methodology to guide you in every step of the way.

International welding engineers

Welding standards state that you require a competent welding coordinator to achieve compliance. If you do not yet have such a coordinator, the BWI welding engineers are qualified to act as your external coordinator.

Of course your engineer can join one of our International welding engineer courses to start the process of becoming a welding engineer.

Ongoing support after certification

Once certified, you can continue to count on BWI for follow-up support. Our welding engineers assist you in ensuring compliance and in adapting your welding quality management system to new regulations.

First-hand knowledge of welding standards

BWI officially represents the Belgian welding sector in all normative bodies. [link to list of standards with number and name] Therefore, BWI has the knowledge and network to correctly interpret each welding related standard. This insight is shared on www.nal-ans.be.

Our involvement in the standardisation process ensures that our experts are among the first to know about any upcoming changes. This makes the BWI the ideal partner to support you with regards to your current and future standardisation needs.

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