Materials testing

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From characterisation to weldability

The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) covers a vast range of destructive and non-destructive testing techniques in-house and through a network of partners. Some of these tests are unique in Europe.

Destructive testing techniques

  • Characterising materials and coatings
    BWI has the equipment and the expertise to carry out a wide array of materials and coatings characterisation tests.
  • Customised materials tests
    BWI covers a vast range of specialised materials tests via testing equipment in-house or at partner organisations. Among our specialties are fracture, fatigue, large-scale fatigue and creep tests.

Non-destructive testing techniques

It is not always cost-effective or possible to take samples from components that are still in use. In such cases, BWI can rely on non-destructive testing techniques such as replica examination, magnetic and (dye) penetrant testing, and on site hardness measurements.


BWI has a weld simulator to carry out weldability test as to predict the welding behaviour of a material and define its optimal thermal welding cycle.

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