Materials knowledge

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Insight into materials and their weldability

The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) has a thorough understanding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in the manufacturing industry. Our expertise is valued by educational facilities, research centres and industries.

Unique knowledge of old ...

Many old welded structures contain materials that are no longer used. When a problem occurs with such a weld or when you need to assess its condition, there are very few companies or institutions around that can help you. However, at the BWI, old materials regularly form part of investigations carried out.

... and new materials

Our research and on-site services have enabled us to build an in-depth knowledge of virtually all common and most advanced metals and alloys such as 9%Ni, 12%Cr, high temperature steels, duplex, pipeline steel and high strength aluminium alloys. Our expertise regarding high strength steels (HSS) is known and respected throughout the world. Our experts continuously update their materials knowledge through participation in international expert groups and congresses.

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