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Reliable expert centre for welding research and services

The Belgian Welding Institute (BWI) is an independent expert centre for welding technologies and materials weldability. Our activities cover a wide range of applied research projects, advice and testing services, and training courses.

Applied research, services and training

BWI is a centre of expertise for welding and other joining technologies, as well as materials weldability. Our knowledge is continuously updated through applied research and service projects in the field. Our experts aim to share their knowhow by organising training courses and seminars.

For companies, research centres and educational facilities

BWI is a non-profit organisation that supports the international growth of the welding sector. Our objective is to promote the collective interests of both small and large companies, research and training centres, schools, and all other stakeholders active in the welding and joining of materials.

Certified International Welding Engineers

Our researchers and advisors are experts in various domains of welding and materials weldability. Most of them are certified International Welding Engineers who participate in international normative bodies. They communicate and explain all standards relevant for the Belgian welding industry on www.nal-ans.be.

Access to a wide variety of testing equipment

As member of the Metals Structures Centre we have access to equipment of Labo Soete (Ghent University) and OCAS. Also, we jointly use the machinery at our sister-laboratory in the Walloon region, CEWAC.

Reliable partner for all welding challenges

BWI guarantees an accurate answer to all welding issues thanks to:

  • Independence. BWI has no commercial interest in any manufacturer or supplier. Our results are entirely based on objective data.
  • Quality. Our processes are ISO 9001 certified.
  • Flexibility. Our small size ensures you quick and direct contact with the most appropriate expert.

For more information, contact fleur.maas@BIL-IBS.be.

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